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GPS and data SVG video overlay generator  v.1.0

Tool for annotating (bike race) videos with data from GPS devices to display time, distance, speed, power, HR, CAD, elevation, laps. Outputs a series of SVG files importable as image sequence into the OpenShot Video editor as overplayed video track.

AutoREALM to SVG  v.1.0

A simple conversion tool from AutoREALM ( native formats (AuR, AuRX planned) into SVG for inclusion in websites.

MathML to SVG XSLT-based converter  v.1.0

Transformation from MathML to SVG using XSLT stylesheet tables

SVG Data Widgets  v.1.0

SVG Data Widgets is a cross-platform and cross-browser client-server data-visualisation toolkit for displaying measurements in SVG and xhtml web pages using Ajax and JSON.

SVG Quality Assurance Project  v.1.0

The SVG Quality Assurance project collects tools that help to improve quality of SVG software and images.

SVG User Interface Platform  v.1.0

SvgUP is an open source platform for building interactive Web applications based on SVG components and other web standards like JavaScript, CSS, RDF and DTD. SvgUP allows the separation of concerns by dividing the applications into modules.

SVG Wiki and diff tool  v.1.0

An SVG Wiki and Difference tool to allow for collaboration between artists, developers and casual users with easy to use tools.

DNT to SVG converter for G-Note Tablets  v.1.0

A small utility for converting DNT files produced by Genius G-Note tablets into vector-based SVG format (displayable in Firefox, IE ...)

SVG-See  v.1.0

SVG-See is a cross-platform tool for viewing and modifying SVG files.It can integrate with web browsers, giving them the functionality for viewing SVG images.

SVG Editor  v.1.0

A SVG Editor base on Eclipse. It will be an eclipse plugin.

SVG Illuminator  v.1.0

SVG Illuminator is a simple vector graphics editor that can read and write SVG files. It will have all the normal vector graphics drawings and eventually will support Javascript and animation of SVG drawings.  v.1.0

Library to generate SVG primitives from within

JavaScript and SVG chart library  v.1.0

Library for creating any type of chart, using javascript and SVG, drawing them in a user's browser

Mobile SVG Viewer  v.1.0

MobileSVG is a SVG viewer for Smart(Mobile) Devices based on Windows CE

Small Java Library for SVG  v.1.0

Small Java Library for SVG (sjlsvg) is a simple library for draw svg vector image on Java platform.The library will be as small as possible (XML parser, SVG render, ...) for use as "small" applet or in Mobile platforms (PalmOs, PocketPC, ...)

SVG Visualization of Software Evolution  v.1.0

DoxyChange is an extension of Doxygen which provides a mechanism to display changes in SVG/HTML/UML format between two revisions of a given software system.

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